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Title: Plushy!Miyuki
Fandom: Daiya no A
Raiting: Gen
Characters: Watanabe Hisashi, Others
Wordcount: 1500
Not beted ;D

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IRL I have a problem. Precisely my problem is that some things I can only say/write in English and people I'm talking with most often don't understand the language. Also my English is kind of broken and personalized and grown on fanfiction so... yeah. I have the communication problem.
Next to it is the issue of what to talk about. English is for what interest's me. Polish is for listening to. I can't say most of I need to say in polish so mostly I'm just not saying it. In other words I'm a main listener in my company and it starts to suit me ill.
Beside that is my own personal shortcoming of being deeply ashamed of what I like. I'm not ashamed of it when I have time to explain it - I never have time to explain it.
And so my problem is explained - nothing to say in my first language, no-one to listen to in my preferred language of interest and entertainment. The very definition of loneliness - people around but no one to talk to at all.


Aug. 6th, 2012

I don't like my ships canon. In a desert wasteland that is my understanding of my own preferences that at least is clear. That doesn't mean I'm a crazy shipper, mostly, but rather I just prefer subtext.
So me watches Teen Wolf. It's a story not a occurrence as I started it midwinter, when fist season ended and second hasn't aired yet. Why? Well I was an MTV show and I was curious just what kind of TV shows can a music channel put out. First there was a Dead Valley. Disturbingly un!zombielike zombie show. And it wasn't good! Or it was but in that wince-inducing, loathable way that tv can have. Almost!Reality Show about police work with zombies, vampires and werewolves. Actually quite nice. So when I found out there was another show by MTW and it was called Teen Wolf and was apparently about a teenage werewolf... I couldn't find anything to not love.
Watched the show. No expectation. Or rather expecting it to be just as bad as Dead Valley but maybe not as hilarious and with some teenage angst. Instead I got show that was weirdly good. It seriously showed that it didn't have to be what with the clichés and plot that was see-through in places - and the god awful CG werewolf - and characters barely sketched out and most importantly GENERAL AIR OF FUN. People were having so much fun making this shit and it showed. It was like with Merlin! Like with Being Human!
And here where it gets... weird. It's an MTV show. And I thought MTV was all about pandering to impressionable youth. And it is. Nothing changed. Just... Impressionable youth is mostly consisted of FANGIRLS these days. What's the demographic for this show? 18-34? FANGIRLS. More so fangirls on post SPN internet. I say post SPN because I have yet to find a fandom as scary and still making so much sense. There's Harry Potter one but... Yeah. There should be Twilight or Vampire Diaries or True Blood one but Vampires for some reason create this... Void around themselves. People are kind of ashamed of Vampires now. Whatever, my point is clear to me. What I meant was that TW learned from all this. Learned with surprising aptitude. To the point where I just can't tell how much of the pairing preferred by fangirls is a plant. And if it is it was a ingenious move. A move that made someone a fortune. These days once you have a fanbase you have a show. No-one is going to make a Firefly mistake again.
I read some fangirl's... manifesto of hope I'd call it where she explained in great detail why "sterek" have a chance to actually happen in the actual show and not only in - scary fast multiplying - fanfiction. It was good, well thought and well worded but it scared me shitless. There is no frame of reference for that kind of pairings going steady into text! No NEED for it and I'm not making a political statement here, just an observation. There isn't a lot of ways to fit something like that into plot the way you can weave subtext. If you state it you have to either keep it or destroy it. And option "b" is way easier.
But okay, that's my irrational fear of show going bad. I like the show! I don't want it to go bad and when I read some ideas fangirls have, some... STATED PREFERENCES - it makes my bones shiver. Slow build up to actual relationship? REALLY? This is what these characters strike you with? As able to acknowledge emotional entanglement before being hit in the face with it's physical manifestation in form of some really, really bad decision making? Oh I ship it plenty, I just don't see many ways of actually presenting that particular pairing - and fangirls won the show it's continued existence in exchange so they'll want it presented - in ways other than "another problem Scott is too young and unwilling to deal with but has to". Don't show us what happened, tell us first and show what kind of consequences it provoked.
Personally I'd like a scene with Scott who is confronted with Stiles during an honest to god walk of shame from the Alpha's lair/presence, clutching his non-essential and pretty essential clothing to to his chest, smelling of fresh semen and the distinct aroma of "no idea what just happened". And Scott has a serious problem and can't deal with this right now but he also can not-not deal with it right now because he's been pretty fucking shitty friend and this is HUGE. And anyway he kind of needs both of them and... YEAH. I want it played ON SCOTT. Not like... another budding teenage romance. We have two already. Maybe three. Possibly we have emotional threesome! So there's that.

Satisfaction in interactions

The amount of glee I've gotten out of my friends watching Thor and Avengers is really quite unholy.
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I found this little list of questions. On Google but it comes from tublr originally it think. It's about Durarara!.

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You are (not) advancing

Today I found out there are new EVA movies. Inside one afternoon I obtained the second one, watched it and... here's the thing. I don't like it.

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Last thing - FANSERVICE?! I am TEN years older! You think I'm in this for fanservice!? And what kind of fanservice do you propose?! Who's your target-audience? Huh? Who is? Is this lass supposed to service me as a fan? The rampaging changes in the plot I knew and LOVED? What!?



What is it about RE that causes cosmetically inspired spam?

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Enough sadface!

RE and TW