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RE and TW

Doing research. Spending precious moments of my life in the corner laughing myself into unconsciousness over the idea Romero could have directed the adaptation. It would be epic - yes. But also... I kind of ship Chris/Wesker enough without Romero's own weirdly un!present, but overwhelming by third viewing, subtext.
Anyway. Why aren't there that many fics of RE? ANY RE. I read 4 was better that 5 and overall better than all that came before... if that's true - but there's no quality fanfiction! Some high quality art but really. Art is for people who like their stimulation short. I like mine to be 10 pages long.
My writing is inspired by Mercenaries. Should also be known as "pointless but brilliant not!yaoi RE fic". The yaoi thing is kind of a problem for those who, like me, got on the wagon laaaate. I saw the doujins.
Maybe problem is with me. As in I haven't yet happened upon anyone who did play the game and ship Chris/Wesker regardless. So maybe it's a stupid non!existent pairing I'm hooked up on to my own shame?
Wouldn't be the first time. Ha.
Oh! If were talking shame - Derek/Stiles! There is a lot of very god fics out there! And if not very good then warm, funny and satisfying. That's what I'm looking for in my entertainment (I watched first seasons of Merlin and Being Human because of that). I'm just wondering - hoping - it won't stop when show comes back on air and it'll turn out we were supposed to look out for Derek/Lydia all along. Or Stiles/Lydia. From where I'm sitting same thing. I think I already wrote I want her dominating Jackson. Verbally. Intellectually. Emotionally. With a strap-on.
Incidentally Allison/Scott is a thing of beauty. Fucking it up would take a lot of skill but hey! Someone did fuck-up zombies so... yeah.