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Enough sadface!

Grumpy, grumpy me being all grumpy all over my shiny, green LJ. Why the sadface me?
Oh. Right. Physiological reasons. Screw that! In about thirty years it too will pass.
I'm reading quite a lot about dead for my... thesis? What is the term for "praca magisterska" in English? That. It's seriously quite weird to read and I kind of need to look at death like average person would and the more I talk to people and read about it my opinion turns out to be... somewhat self-involved, sheltered, a bit monstrous and generally unfit for public consumption due to excess use of utilitarian ethics. So that's why I haven't had many problems with German use of corpses during WWII. Who knew... Thank the gods for Philippe Aries as his phenomenal work will save me from excess research.

Watching cut-scenes of RE games gave me perspective on why plot does not have to make sense if game-play does. This scene where Wesker throws Jill at Chris? Joy to watch even if "what point does it serve?" comes to mind. Why Wesker didn't just leave her to die? Why didn't he infect her with Uroboros instead of just drugging her? Drugging her in a big, noticeable way so that no-on can have any doubts as to what is going on. Also his interactions with Claire - few that I was able to observe - lead me to ask "Is he supposed to be like... some kind of father-figure here?" The father one have to kill to cleanse oneself from his sins but still... He even remarks that this fight will be like a family reunion. Freaky...
On less - or meybe more - freaky note: Excella looks to me like the kind of woman who fucks Tyrants in her spare time - the Ivan kinds this ostensibly Russian guy took everywhere with him - and expects all men around her to be gentlemen enough not to mention it.