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RE5 cut-scenes recap

Oh my how silly I've been thinking I have to at least watch some cut-scenes to legally talk about RE. Like it changes anything. Hell, some wikia entries pointed out undertones I myself would never have noticed and the cut-scenes in RE5? Just... Wow.
Reading-up on some things – like: what in the hell is Wesker's deal? - I noticed than, although people care, no one cares enough to protest when his character does not make any sense whatsoever. Just like people took Chris and his steroids use mostly in stride in the end. I'm told all misogyny of the games shows in game-play so nothing to say there. What I saw, and found refreshingly original, was Jill and Sheva's surprising willingness to sacrifice themselves so that Chris didn't have to deal with Wesker anymore. Wesker who - and this may not be perfectly objective as I do ship this shit - plain and simply didn't want to kill him. AT ALL.
What lead me to this conclusion? Well, for one there was this thread on this board where a person asked internet at large why exactly does Wesker hate Chris and no-one was able to provide them with conclusive answer.
It seems there is no canon to work with. Code: Veronica contradicts some things, RE4 contradicts Code: Veronica. RE5 seems to be kind of just hanging there, catching loosely on everything but mostly doing fine on its own. And, if there's no canon things only have to make sense in individually build context.
By RE5 once can not tell what Wesker's deal is but it's painfully obvious he doesn't want to kill the guy whose arch-nemesis he implicitly is. Doesn't want to kill his partner, goes to frankly ridiculous lengths not to kill her in fact. She jumped out the window, off a cliff, willing to splatter herself on sharp rocks to kill him, so he takes her with when he leaves, heals her up. It turns out she's immune to some of the shit he plays with but he doesn't turn her into another Lisa Trevor, no. He mind-controls her in a big, flashy way so that she doesn't have to deal with too much moral trauma after she's inevitably found-out and freed. It's always the little things. And the little things here kind of point to Wesker liking having Jill on his side.
I'm watching cut-scene 03 to refresh my memory and not, you know, slash it more than it needs to be slashed and wow the giant flying-penis-bat-monster-thing is fantastic. I love it. Especially how heavy, vehicle-mounted machine guns arrived just seconds after they had dispatched it with side-arms. Universe must really, really hate Chris Redfield. Or love to hate him very, very much I suppose.
In light of the "What is Wesker's deal?" I have to say I have no idea what bone he had to pick with Umbrella. Because it is suggested he had some years before Raccoon City went to hell and also he destroyed Umbrella when opportunity arose so... WTF? The journal suggests he didn't have any problem with creating weapons but did he draw a line on suspected genocide? No. He went there himself. It's probably the same kind of thing he had with Chris. No reason. But it makes him cool. Cool fucking idiot who don't know what's good for him but still. Cool.
So Wesker has this thing where he likes to put women in the air by their necks and not!kill them like that. He's fast like a flash, dodges bullets and we will be shown how he sees Chris and Sheva like moving in syrup when they fight him but does he uses his reflexes to break Jill's neck in a flash? No! Does he fight Chris like he means it? No! Mostly he just reflects, pushes away, and suspends his actions for few moments to give the dynamic duo time to collect themselves. It looks so very weird when he doesn't just kills them using the fasts and reflexes he has going but instead sticks around to watch them thinking up ways to reach him and then taking whatever they have to deal-out.
Well. This time it landed him Jill to play with so maybe there is method to his madness but frankly he doesn't seem to be the Vetinari type who plans so far ahead he's in the next game before he even starts the first one. He goes with the flow, through some obstacles, around others and the obstacle he seems to be fond of flowing around, even when it's the most inconvenient thing ever, is Chris.
I'm not even going to ask what Irving problem is. Why oh why would anyone inject themselves with tentacle-monster-creating virus? On what drugs does it seem like w good idea? Is it me or does Wesker seem to like surrounding himself with crazy people?
Sadly Chris is very hard to dislike. And I like his voice like crazy even when he reads of the script instead of talking. He is, however, not very smart even if his goal-oriented one-mindedness is admirable. Expecting a guy who injected himself with tentacle-monster-creating virus to give any kind of straight answer is... yeah. Hey! Maybe that's what Wesker saw in him.
Why do they keep pronouncing "Uroboros" like it's a Spanish word? Also. Uroboros is about to change everything we ever know? Well. It's about to change everyone in tentacle monsters. This will change things dramatically for sure. My question is - how is having tentacles supposed to stop us from destroying the world? And another question - why have Irving and Excella reacted to Chris the way they did? Was Jill talking about him? Was Wesker? Was there some kind of memo about him making rounds? If so - why? The consensus is that Wesker was way too arrogant to accept Chris as any kind of danger so why the weird reaction?
Oh Excella. She's got some kind of spine defect that's for one. Her boobs look unnatural. Her fascination with Wesker is frankly stupid. The guy seems to be pretty clear about his... preference. Tentacle-monsters when Chris Redfield isn't around but then he is he thumbs everything.
Huh. Weskers interactions to Excella are akin to what was Chris first reaction to Sheva - "Dog does not want to be scratched behind the ears". In his case the "cold like ice" thing is hot beyond reason when she touches him and he pushes her away and I suppose at lest some fangirls would want to be her anyway in that very moment.
Question! Where the fuck is all the Jill/Excella mind control porn non-con? Rule 34 apply right? So where is it? I'm asking because Excella sounds jealous when she says Chris is here and there are few choices about why exactly. She is probably talking to Wesker and is jealous because Redfield seems to be his silver moon but on the off-chance she is talking to Jill; some serious branch-out lesbian porn is coming to even as uninterested in girl-on-girl action brain as mine. So why google won't show me a thing? Ugh.
I'm watching it aging to be sure and yes. Jealous. Why? No plot-correspondent reason for her to be! Was Wesker talking about Chris at some point? Is that the reason for all the weird reactions? WTF really? Like... wait. She suggested Wesker is afraid of Chris? Was that it? Was he talking about BSAA as something then they have to be wary of and Chris as example of why? Huh. Also. Why the information that BSAA are here triggered the "you're manufactured and I am your god" flashback? OMG I need this shit explained like ASAP. With some porn for god sake! Where is it?!
His arms are frankly ridiculous. A bad design choice. There was the same problem with Krauser and his "can't fit through a door" beef but Krauser was blond and mostly gruff so it didn't seem so inappropriate. On Chris it's like those are artificially attached. Now that I took another look on Krause - on him it looked exactly the same way. No, really. What the hell happened? Sheva - a female in a video game - looks a lot more realistically than Chris who looks about as realistic as a video game character should. WTH?
So... Tricell isn't supposed to be evil yet? On the other hand Chris stated he's working for the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium so maybe he isn't inclined to associate "pharmaceutical" with "evil". Weird.
I'm looking at them in the elevator and question comes to mind: when was the last time either o the slept? Fighting flying dicks in the evening, crazy people on bikes and ugly-ass monsters in the night, in the morning there was a swimming tentacle monster, and then they went underground to deal with spiderish/crabbish thing. Seems to me like they in no fit state to take on Wesker at all.
And this scene. WTF really? Chris just happened to catch some Excella-Wesker sweet talk out of the clear blue sky? On his BSAA equipment? Without trying? Does Wesker have him on 24/7 surveillance and screwed-up frequencies for a second? I'm going with this one until an explanation that makes sense arrives.
Oh Jill is near and Jill is Cool. She also seems to be under orders to be showy instead of efficient. The thing with throwing Sheva with her tights instead of just kicking her head in? Dead give-away Wesker. What is your deal with not wanting to just kill them all dead? You say "Let's finish this" and then you just... let them batter on you. WHY?!
"Wesker! Stop!" What kind of authority do you have Chris? What kind of authority you can enforce?
Are you satisfied? Is that satisfaction? Does it... please you to see them successful? Why? This... kind of starts to bring porn with incredibly convoluted set-up to mind. And the way Wasker talks and smiles? Does not help.
In last two parts writing is appalling. Out of place really. Nothing to talk about. You want to stop him; he does not want to kill you. Not much else can be said that doesn't sound stupid. But who cares? Let's analyze this slow, tantalizing movement of Wesker's hands when he slid them of the railing. His annoyed but not annoyed enough to kill them both. He wants audience. Is proud that his audience fought for the right to see him succeed. Or something. Wesker is so hot in this little scene my brain temporarily shuts-of.
The glasses thing. WTH? I like that Chris caught them. I don't know why but I do. I think that was some kind of a test. Of what? Who knows. Why? Who knows. To what end? Who knows.
I like his reaction to Chris' ill-advised charge. Seriously... what were you planning to accomplish by it? You basically hugged him with murderous intent.
That, what Chris said when Wesker covered himself with Sheva, must have been fucking hard to pronounce for the actor. Uroboros in this sentence just rolls of his tongue I bet.
The slo-mo scene. If that's how Weskers sees the world? He really, really must try hard. Not to kill them by accident.
A... Yes. The "Not going to stop until I'm dead" thing. Wesker reacted to it... Weirdly. That was a wince. And... The motion kind of seemed... Appalled? Where's the script for this scene? Can't find it. Ah well. "I just have to kill you quickly."? Who are you kidding? And why?
He must be using some industrial strength hair-gel. No reaction. To anything. To ripping off glasses. To racking fingers. None. Hym... I wonder whether someone drawn him with his hair down somewhere in the depths of dA. Hym. Eee... It turns out google knows all. And will share if asked but you better be damn sure you want to know. Basically my googling lead me to a discussion how to do Wesker's hair style for cospaly. About how long the fringe would have to be... and fringe automatically brings Leon and his emo t my mind. And here I am, thinking about Leon Kennedy instead of Wesker coming out of the shower. Damn you google.
If you have energy to leap three stores into the air twice, why don't take a moment to put a hand through our dear Chris' chest like you did with Spencer? It would only take a moment? This shit is frustrating.
Chris is fast. Is it even possible for steroid-enhanced muscle to be limber enough to permit this kind of speed?
"No one left to help you now!"? Actually good point. Who the fuck build this all?
So. This. On board of the Uroboros plane. Wesker is angry here. In pain. Still lightening fast. Still with uber-reflexes. Talking trash. Like he always does. Seriously. If what I'm seeing is even cursory true he talks smack all the freaking time, every time he opens his mouth.
Wesker! You need a therapist!
And of course he does. He lived through zombie-outbreaks that happened due to his research. Tortured people by testing his creations on them and failed every time. Worked and lived in these god forsaken mountains. Doesn't have parents. Found out he was basically a pod-person creatad on a whim by a sad, pathetic man with ilussions of grandeur. His life fell down around his ears more than once. He isn't even physiologically human anymore! Good lord if anyone ever needed some good, old-fashioned listening-to it's Wesker. He must be fucking lonely that's why he kept Jill! Why he keeps not!killing Chris! They are like artifacts of his old life - people he trained, that served under him. That's why he seems so pleased every time Chris gets near. This is fucked-up. This man is seriously fucked-up in the head!
Oh. I just realized Chris is supposed to be 36 years old here. Good lord.
And fucking this! This little detail I ignored due to ignorance first few times but he did in fact reach for a different gun to aim it at Chris' face. Yeah, he might be out of ammo after shooting at Sheva but still! This… charming way he just stands there, gun hovering but trigger not being pulled. If the slo-mo was how he sees the world then he actually stood there and... Waited. Just... Ugh.
Again. Crushing her neck but not killing her. Just like he didn't kill Jill. This man is not right in the head!
Well... Sure he isn't but damn he's hot. Maybe not right then when Chris injected him again - he looked scared or is it the trick of CG in his weird eyes? - but a moment later, after he punched through a wall and his eyes glared burin orange? OMG. Also it didn’t escape my attention that he punched the wall way too high. Of course he could be aiming for the head but Chris was hunched down to start with.
This second when he just... glowed. So hot.
I already made a point about women sacrificing themselves for Chris to be rid of Wesker. Peculiar.
Interestingly enough his shirt couldn't take the crash but his hair did. I think those are not hair but some kind of indestructible alien life-form.
Yes. Yes you should have. You should have killed him half and hour ago when you could punch through his chest and take out his still-beating heart. Why didn't you?