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You are (not) advancing

Today I found out there are new EVA movies. Inside one afternoon I obtained the second one, watched it and... here's the thing. I don't like it.

The very beginning. Was that Asuka? I don't know yet and so I'm kind of miffed.
Next! Just now I screamed at the top of my lungs - "Why the fuck is the see red?!" I thought it was artistic thing before but now it's the middle of a day, everything lit brightly and WTF? But, as I was screaming I alredy knew - "and the sees turned to blood" or whatever it sound in English translation. Very nice Eva. You are maybe two for mine zilch.
So it... is Asuka? WTF?
She dyed her hair. To match her unit. Okay.
I have never shipped anything quite the same way as I do Shinji/Asuka.
Watching the new version I have noticed how skeletal and subtle the plot of original series was. It was about the humanity trying to hold back the end of the world that already happened! I haven’t got that first time around.
Whu? I preferred the skeletal embryo thingy to... A manure-human nervous-system?
The see? Perfect now. But any more weird mysticism than it was in the base series? Would be an overkill. Leave some space for the magic!
Also... What the hell happened to Misato? I don't remember her being responsible adult. Maybe my translation was lacking?
Just remembered why I like Rei/Kaworu so much. Aaargh... I need it like I need a bullet to the head right now.
Like... The Asuka is... I remember the doll. I... Don't know the exact significance.
Hym. Music in the original was better. Here we have CG but the ballet is gone. That is quite not nice. Also I'd prefer sounds of the city.
Tokyo building itself from the ground in the morning. The imagery is so very, very nice! Every day is the new day indeed!
Like I said so many, many times before - Shinji/Rei is a abomination. I like them friends. I like them "parent and child" but the very mention of the other possibility? Appalls me. Though you can mention it.
Lord! Asukas character is entirely different! Since when is she asocial?
No. The music is so very bad I can't stand it.
I suppose... If I knew what Tabgha means I would be shitting my pants right now? Wiki told me and I'm still not.
Kaworu Nagisa. Would you kindly explain that statement? What father? Whose father? What kind of father? The grey-haired guy or Gendou? If Gendou if you were using the "father in law" thing I will get so very angry...
This... Is actually pretty freaky how normal they all behave. The see is RED! The SEE is RED! You have to preserve the not-red part of it artificially. What about drinking water?
I also don't remember Rei being this... Whatever the fuck is this. It's like they switched some aspect of the personality when I wasn't looking! All three of them. Rei got Shinji's "I'm sorry I'm alive" Asuka got Rei hostile need to be separated and Shinji's got Asuka's social skills.
So... nothing lives in the red see. I... really like the red see.
Oh... I also forgot I was quite in love with Nagisa. To the point of maybe being in denial.
Absolutely forgot that 00 was orange. Why do I remember it blue?
Also. What the F is Seele/NerV thing all about?
Yes. Becaust Ayanami and your mother are kind of the same person.
O wow! This is so very impressive!
No! This is not the way it should have proceeded! The old way was so much better, the old Asuka was so much better... This one is easier to ship actually. She's... kind of the character I wrote once and was ashamed of. Good lord. The world has come full circle.
Ah Hikari. I'm still not over the Toji trauma. How about you?
Wait. Is Misato tsundere? She was a cocktease before, yes. But tsundere!?
Ah! This is the Rei that's gonna die. Good. I preferred the next one.
I find that I resent that notion. I don't like the fathers who see the mothers in their children. Too much sexual harassment in fiction.
Well... The world have ended... Humanity is resourceful and all but essentially you're all living in “and a day” part of the forever.
What. A. Fuck? Who is that?! New character?! I thought that was Asuka! Oh... The Seele/Nerv antagonism thing will be played up before the slaughter of Nerv before the... Third Impact?
And... Kaji got all of the Kaworu’s gay apparently? o_0? Hopefully. I like it! The ways people just beat at Shinji with all the weird they got. Love it. But Shinji is the idiot here. Less than he was in the original but hey.
I'm invoking god a lot watching this. The movie is an abomination!
Another thing people are not writing fics of. I hate it.
OMG... there is so much Wikipedia time in my next few days…
Oh! Oh oh oh! Dusza i Nerw! Dwa czywnniki operujące działaniami ludzkości! Duch i ciało! Duch dąży do spełnienia woli bożej, ciał odąży do przetrwania. Silly me - havent seen this before.
Maybe this time Eva gets to have an ending? There is certainly a build-up for some nice ending. But... well. There will be nothing quite like End of Eva again. I'm past this time in my life where I could just watch it twice a day for all tha crazzy.
Then... What was that flying Jesus allegory? 04 right? There was 00-05 and after that there were Serials. 05 is gone. 04 just exploded... for some reason. Who is that unidentified lass? Ah. Right. A fourth unit but number 03. The one that will kill Toji. Aargh!
Necessary rituals?! WTF? Humanity Instrumentality Project? And someone wrote their names under something titled like that? Lets all live in Northern Korea of All Souls from now on? No the Nerv is in the Seele but... works against it... as every body should when the mind is being unreasonable.
Final Evangelions. Serials. I did love Serials. Their swan-like statue, their broken corpses laying around... I just did.
I'm so happy this Rei is gonna die... So Very happy... Or is it the next one already? Not the same as at the beginning of the episode? I must watch the first movie... What is being done to Asuka is no fun though.
No. Wanting someone to feel good and warm and live well with one parents is not how love presents. That's how friendship may present. How some weird and misguided maternity instincts may present. Wanting to have someone is the main way love presents. But whatever. Well... I'm saying if it looks like an angel and sounds like and angel it maybe not realty smart to let it out to see if it walks like an angel too.
I really, really-really like unit 03. I think it's pretty. More so! I think it's sexy.
Huuh? It… sound like I have no idea what's going on. I like it!!
WHAT A FUCK!! Didn't this happen to Toji!? What is going ON?!
Now I know there's a girl inside and yet it's still sexy beyond reason. Aargh!
Yes! This melody! OMG this melody!
Well... that’s cool but also cheaper. When all we known was that there is a pilot and we had no idea who it was and just saw it later... That was a blow. Actual strike where it hurt. Here... It's Asuka. She will be alive. This all thing looks a lot like a alternate universe right now. Maybe, just maybe, less emo one.
Frankly I can take all the gore you can throw at me but the music? Geah.
Wow. A teenage tantrum inside a giant robot! I'm surprised there aren't protocols for this.
Nothing is wrong with running away from things you hate. Not a thing.
It's… like I'm watching something else entirely. Is this Eva or is this... I fear to even compare.
The safest place out here? You are all going to die!
Well. That girl is just not fun. What is she even doing here? Oh... She's a Mary Sue! Silly me.
Soo... they created her to kill or maim her? Explanation?
The way he doesn't question... I start to hate this show.
I... don't know what I just watched but first it wasn't Evangelion and second I didn't like it. It read like one of the really bad fanfictions. Even had the Mary Sue! I'm not OK with that.
Last thing - FANSERVICE?! I am TEN years older! You think I'm in this for fanservice!? And what kind of fanservice do you propose?! Who's your target-audience? Huh? Who is? Is this lass supposed to service me as a fan? The rampaging changes in the plot I knew and LOVED? What!?