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I found this little list of questions. On Google but it comes from tublr originally it think. It's about Durarara!.

Who would you rather have as a room mate and why?
Izaya. He would be gone a lot. Arguably same with Shizuo but he destroy things and I like my things.

Which one do you think reflects your personality the best?
Shizuo. I'm "mind over matter" a lot. Also I can lie to myself with the best of them and still care very little when forced to face the music.

Which persona of Shizuo and Izaya do you like best? Meaning: Novel,Manga Izaya or Anime Izaya and Shizuo.
Is there a difference outside of wank? Fanon version.

How important are the egos?
Em... Only as important as low is ones self-esteem? I mean strong ego does not concerns itself with itself, only weak one will pay itself concentrated attention to discover how small exactly it is and angst about it some more.

Do you have any Shizuo and Izaya merchandise? take a photo if you do.

Give five Shizuo headcanons.
Hym. I'm a reader not a writer and also mine head!canon develops alongside my reading materials and MOST of what I read of DRRR is really bad but let's try:
1. He's a cuddler. Will cuddle up to anything in his sleep.
2. If he was to kill someone absolutely random by accident the following depression would probably kill him.
3. He doesn't like going to the baths alone. Generally exposing himself doesn't sit well with him.
4. He has a drivers license and is an excellent driver. Most of the time.
5. He knows Izaya has buggeed his phone. Doesn't care.

Five Izaya headcanons.
1. He's insanely jealous. Doesn't have a lot of things - things are unimportant - but what he has is his and he will not share it, lend it or give it away.
2. He wears women's underwear sometimes. It's mostly not a sex thing.
3. He will flirt, will be coy and provocative but will scram the moment things are about to get serious.
4. He is a favorite person in the world of Shiki's wife. He is also very embarrassed by it as she can't control herself when he's near.
5. He drinks coffee strong enough to wake the dead and not because he doesn't sleep, as he loves sleeping. He just likes it that way.

Do you think Shizuo hates violence or hates the idea of himself committing violent acts?
I think he hates himself for loving the violence. But is very zen about it.

Your Izaya OST.
Ben Lee - I'm a woman too. [First thing that came into my mind when I wondered.]

Your Shizuo OST
Mai Yamane - Gotta Knock A Little Harder [as a projection of his mental status development.]

Is Izaya or Shizuo what made you start Durarara!!?
No. Or possibly yes. I wanted to see how off the mark doujins were after seeing with my own eyes what they did to Sengoku Basara characters.

If you cosplay as Izaya or Shizuo take a photo if not would you want to cosplay as them?
I would cosplay as Vending machine being thrown. Otherwise no.

What do you think would happen if Izaya had Shizuo’s strength?
Not much. Possibly his sex-life would get more interesting for a time but he's got a style and super-strenht would not change it much.

Favorite Shizuo and Izaya screen caps.
All of them. possibly none of them. I do have favorite fanarts.

Do you ship them together? Why? Why not?
Yes I do. They are the fangirlbite. I'm not afraid to admit I fell for it. On less cynical note I ship it because - in anime as I only saw the anime - Shizuo never did hit him once. The violence between them was mostly done by Izaya's hand. Thats also the reason why "Shizaya" not "Izuo". Although for me that's just cosmetics. Sadly I have yet to read a good fanfiction. Fandom got weirdly hung-up on the least important aspect of their relation, meaning the "projected hatred" part. C'mon. The boy is Yakuza! Or mostly. Got dirt on everyone around him. Of course he's in relationship with the least probable person.