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Satisfaction in interactions

The amount of glee I've gotten out of my friends watching Thor and Avengers is really quite unholy.

Avengers... is Avengers. Good movie but more about the cool factor of the team-up that characters themselves. But Thor...
  One friend concluded that the Thor/Jane thing was bull and should have ended with that hand-kiss. I didn't even had to goad her into that! We didn't watch Thor together! She' not a fangirl, just a regular viewer with regular opinion.
  The other friend... She's a little more versed in shipping ways, knows what I'm giggling about when I giggle but she seemed really quite gratified with the romantic development of the plot AND STILL when I showed her deleted scenes what she got to say was - and I quote as directly as I can: "So what Loki did here was kill his biological parent to make better impression on his adoptive father to get the throne but he said he didn't want the throne so really all he did was to make Odin realize Thor is not yet ready to be king. So exactly what he wanted to do at the beginning. So... He would be better of just fucking Thor."
  I have had no input in that conclusion. It was her very own. Later, when I stopped sqeeing like a crazy person she clarified that Loki's motivation seems very womanly to her and that only a woman would beat about a point so simple and so valid in such indirect and convoluted ways. And I didn't even had to explain to her at length that Jotun are largely considered inter-sexed. She noticed that Thor would be best manipulated with sex ANYWAY.
I had no idea seeing otherwise normal people coming up with the very same conclusions my fangirl self had would bring me so much satisfaction!


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May. 25th, 2012 08:09 am (UTC)
Heh, feels like everyone is into Thor and The Avengers now :P It's all over my Tumblr and that's no surprise, because I follow people who share my love for both fandoms. But I'm surprised that when I check my flist every once in a while, even my LJ friends are all over the fandom 8) Yaaay!
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